Mingjie Jiang

Mingjie Jiang

San Francisco, CA, He/him


Building the ecosystem to help kids explore safely online.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2023 — 2023

Laid out the foundations of Commsor's new platform Matcha, a connections-building social platform for professionals (formerly Meetsy). Advised the team primarily on their adoption and conversion to Next.js App Router, including modernization improvements across the entire frontend stack, as well as implementation of a design system and high-quality reusable components.

2022 — 2023
Austin, TX

I build the core web platform for Ender, a competition-based platform where kids get rewarded to explore their creativity and build real portfolios of projects and skills.

I built the platform with a TypeScript/Next.js/GraphQL stack, created reusable design system components with Tailwind and Radix UI, and designed delightful user experiences with Framer Motion. I also help established a quality-driven engineering culture at Ender, striving for perfect execution at every detail.

Ender works asynchronously with an optional office space in Austin. The company raised a $5.4MM seed round in April 2022.

2020 — 2022

I led CodeDay's Labs & Init programs, both helping CS students at underrepresented & underfunded colleges make their first contributions in the open-source community. Students collaborated with professionals from the tech industry and worked together to contribute to a variety of open source projects. Research papers were presented as a result of these programs.

Side Projects

Conving Megan to buy investment products at Marcus by Goldman Sachs

I convinced my friend Megan to open a Certificate of Deposit account with Marcus within 10 minutes. I think Goldman should put me on their payroll.


With funding from Amjad Masad (founder of Replit), I co-created and built an online summer program to help more students around the world explore diverse fields in computer science. More than 1,500 students participated, and among them 800+ are under 21. They come from 60+ countries around the world and covered 40+ states in the U.S.


2020 — Now

Execute Big is a nonprofit organization that operates creative, impactful, and transparent technology exploration programs. We funded students to travel from underrepresented areas of the country to cities with opportunities, hosted educational events around the country to drive excitement from low-income communities, and operated one of the largest online summer education programs, Tech Roulette.

I am still doing charity work through Execute Big.

2021 — 2022
Berkeley, CA

Cal Hacks is a nonprofit organization composed of UC Berkeley students passionate about fostering a culture of hacking, entrepreneurship, and social good via technology. During my time leading Cal Hacks, we created internal and external facing venture programs to fund great ideas by both Cal Hacks directors and the Berkeley student population at large.

2020 — 2021
Rockville, MD

I created and maintained technical solutions to power the growing global network of female/non-binary students interested in STEM. I set up servers for their seasonal competitions, maintained their student forum, and also built Infinity, an open-source, high-performance and deployment-ready puzzle hunt platform for their puzzle hunts & math competitions.

2017 — 2019
San Francisco, CA

As one of the earliest student leaders at Hack Club, I led planning for The Flagship Summit, a 3-day leadership conference in SF for 75 student leaders of CS education programs around the world. I also developed curriculum and guides now used by tens of thousands of students around the world, helping them establishing after school clubs and local programs in their communities. I also ran countless events, hosting the largest hackathons in the Chicago, DC, and bringing the first to Richmond and Atlanta.


2020 — 2021